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Decking the walls in our homes complements the décor or leads to adding personality defining the room. RusTeak’s wall console, an attractive design with ample storage space.

Storing from books, vases, small décor – create an imaginative story.

Flexibility in our designs makes it even more attractive. Move around, change the arrangement. This set of five can create a set be moved around to create different harmony -stylized as you would want to.

It can be a part of living room décor or dining or bedroom. Repurposed to add an element of beauty and design with function.

Imagine how simple shapes décor in your room walls add can become the centre of beauty and design. Explore patterns with colour tones – natural wood colour, white or any other PU shades. Do-it-yourself set of five that can add life to the dull looking walls.

This natural design in teak is timeless and versatile. Whether your room is a cottage styled bedroom with rough edges and asymmetrical lines or a stylish western designed one, wood is your answer to everything. Wooden walls and panels give bedrooms an attractive appeal and add texture and depth. This clever design element can be used in any room and can be made to match with different styles.

Online furniture stores

Online Furniture Stores in Mumbai

Looking after and care of furniture is a part of our everyday chore. Choosing the correct furniture, adding the décor is a time taking procedure; something we pride ourselves in.

We carefully construct it in our mind, the architect’s drawings and representations help us.

We imagine our rooms and its look in our minds; beauty and function is foremost in our minds. Online furniture’s from RusTeak, we select from! We are mindful of not cluttering our rooms too much. Some of us love the natural wood colour, while the choice is white for some! Dark mahogany and rosewood is another premier choice. RusTeak finishes to choose from also includes matt, dull and shiny; Rosewood furniture in shiny PU (polyethylene) finishes gives luxurious appeal to the furniture pieces and the room.

Jute rugs, cotton woven carpets go very well with our furniture, especially suited for the tropical and hot climatic conditions which are prevalent in major part of India. Easy to maintain, washable durries are in vogue and we are also reaching out to the cottage industries. A range of natural shades complementing our teakwood finishes. We also enable tie ups with small set ups like ours for all value add services. For sofas and upholstered finishes we have a tie up with local vendors and suppliers. Best quality fabric at excellent pricing, the option of choosing from foam densities – Ali strives to provide all solutions. And stickler he is for time and quality; He runs this small business where he can provide for mattresses, curtains, cushions, cushion covers, upholstery fabric for sofa and bed headboards. The skeletal frame of the furniture is taken over by Ali where the transformation happens. The pieces are then taken by our polishing team let by Ranjit who does the magical transformation.

Most of our people are migratory labour like us. Them and us have moved across cities to find their calling in the carpentry and finishing. Apart from being a method of earning livelihood; the passion and the eye for the detail has created these mavericks – Vivek Sharma and his team, the makers of RusTeak.

Woodworking was always a passion for them, and like Vivek who dared to take this leap of faith in 2018 and created RusTeak. The bespoke furniture setup which now has its online presence where ecommerce helps selling online very easily, conveniently and comfortably.

From the luxury of your home, you can choose from a range of options; if you do not find any designs to your liking, you can share one of your own as well.

Bespoke is made to order, we at RusTeak will reach out, interact, understand your specs, create a piece exactly the way you had imagined. From the creation table of NIT Patna where Vivek had his first exposure to wood-crafting, to the creating table of RusTeak workshop, it’s been a long journey. Constantly learning, striving for perfection, improving and learning something new always.

RusTeak is a journey where each piece created is art. Crafted and created with utmost love and care. It’s a journey of teak in rustic finishes, hence RusTeak!

A journey of Vivek and his team of maverick creators, who do not believe in the second best!

Teakwood Furniture

Shop Top Quality Teakwood Furniture Online in India

Space management becomes the basis of planning specially for any teakwood furniture – each one of us picture how we want the room to look. Then we decide on what we want each space to be used for? Will it be a private space, for family, or for entertaining? Secondly, we examine the layout of each space, including the position of doors and windows, to understand how many and how big furniture pieces can be, while still leaving enough room for people to walk around without tripping or dashing into any furniture. And there is breathing space and clutter can be avoided.

The luxury of adding a number of customised modern teak furniture designed to fit into the room is an art and science. For smaller rooms, it’s best to look for multifunctional teak furniture designs like Nesting table, Z table, teak chairs that can be stacked up or smart customised furniture that ensure a smart fit. Pouffes, benches with seats or loungers are smart additions to the room; it adds to the décor while also serving its function.

RusTeak has modern & smart teakwood furniture that can be customised to suit your space. Bespoke & made to order furniture being our strength, we create to suit your choices, décor, size and requirement.

At RusTeak we make space management go along side our planning the furniture!!

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