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Space management becomes the basis of planning specially for any teakwood furniture – each one of us picture how we want the room to look. Then we decide on what we want each space to be used for? Will it be a private space, for family, or for entertaining? Secondly, we examine the layout of each space, including the position of doors and windows, to understand how many and how big furniture pieces can be, while still leaving enough room for people to walk around without tripping or dashing into any furniture. And there is breathing space and clutter can be avoided.

The luxury of adding a number of customised modern teak furniture designed to fit into the room is an art and science. For smaller rooms, it’s best to look for multifunctional teak furniture designs like Nesting table, Z table, teak chairs that can be stacked up or smart customised furniture that ensure a smart fit. Pouffes, benches with seats or loungers are smart additions to the room; it adds to the décor while also serving its function.

RusTeak has modern & smart teakwood furniture that can be customised to suit your space. Bespoke & made to order furniture being our strength, we create to suit your choices, décor, size and requirement.

At RusTeak we make space management go along side our planning the furniture!!

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