Teakwood furniture

What’s so special about Teakwood?

It is one of the best hardwoods known for its moisture resistance, insect repellant, insulating properties with a Texture and Veins which create ‘a poetry of their own ‘ !.

It is nature at its best…. The inherent qualities of Teak make it extremely suitable for Internal as well as external furniture. Docks in Mumbai bear testimony till today to boats with teak hull-dating back to portugesetimes !

Close grained, textured veins and presence of natural oils make Teak perhaps the Best wood to work on on planet Earth. Add / complement to the Product skilled craftsmen who have spent decades working Teak and lo, behold- you have products to Die for !. The Best of Wood, complemented with best of Artisan sadding to it a Character and a Unique Rusteak style by making products Child/ Elderly & Pet friendly thru rounding all edges & finished with our 7 step Epoxy PU system – Welcome to Rusteak and its maverick products ,

At RusTeak we try to make our products complement and blend / contrast or highlight in the space they stand .Presenting from our stable in this edition is the Ausira Chair- A unique hybrid Cane/ Ratan product in Teak with a curvaceous character suitable for modern day palaces. The edges and the protective sides also lend it a very Colonial nostalgia character. We believe these Chairs Do Create an Impact!

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