15. Off of the Bookshelf & 16. Tailor-produced

15. Off of the Bookshelf & 16. Tailor-produced

thirteen. Cash flow

H2o circulates and, in operation, whenever you to discusses the new path of cash within the (revenues) and you may out of (expenses) a pals, you to definitely talks about cashflow.

14. Corporate Society

Actually it means the mutual values, way of considering and you may method of operating you to finds out for the good business. Companies can’t envision or respond from inside the a specific ways, however, since businesses are not anybody.

This metaphor stresses the same services anywhere between people in societies that do have distinctive line of countries as well as how individual communities have a tendency to “behave” typically. To locate a better picture, think about the difference in Apple and Microsoft.

“Yes, We read that the employees in one business was basically very dynamic and you can regularly while making change easily, because almost every other had to have authoritative meetings just before some thing try ever before decided.”

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