At Rusteak we innovate design and create masterpieces leading to happy spaces.

Doing up spaces is interesting, intriguing and exciting but often stressful due to multiplicity of jobs and the associated process flows. Incoherent planning leads to delays, cost overruns etc.

Our endeavor is to make this entire experience coherent and as enjoyable as building blocks.

At RusTeak we value our customers and we believe in our values, transparency, uncompromising on quality & commitment and a philanthropic approach. We believe we have happy hands which leads to exemplary products, satisfied and repeat customers leading back to happy hands which recreate!

While the world around you is still picking up pieces, we at RusTeak actually metamorphize your world!

Residential Design, Innovate & Build includes:

Bespoke & Unique creations at 

  • Apartments, Bungalows, Farm-Houses & second homes
  • Spaces- Private: bedrooms& baths & shower space . public like living dining kitchen etc
  • Decks & flooring
  • Basements attics & lofts.
  • Restoration of Heirlooms & renovation of Entry spaces like doors & windows

Commercial Design, Innovate & Build includes:

  • Office & Workspace
  • Restaurants, Coffee shops spruce up
  • Retail Ergonomics
  • Warehouse
  • Public spaces- Metro, Airports, Stadia, Museums, Galleries, Parliament.
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