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Shree Ganesh Alaya- Trilokesh त्रिलोके श आलय


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• Width 6”
• Depth 5”
• Height 7.5”
• Approx Weight 2Kgs

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त्रिलोकेश गर्णातीत गर्णक्षोम िमो िमः।

िलै ोक्यपालि र्वभो र्वश्वव्यार्पि्िमो िमः॥

• Ganesh Bhagwan mounted on a stepped solid Teakwood frame – Alaya.
• The deity is handcrafted in pure Brass by artisans in Western Uttar Pradesh. The steps
curve naturally with the Deity base in symmetry.
• The seamless stepped design is inspired by steps at Siddhivinayak, Ganpati Phule,
Gangotri & Kedarnath. The steps put the divine One on a pedestal, quite literally, while at
the edges they sublime over the vertical background giving the Alaya a symmetry.
The cantilevered top which flows out and puts a well lit canopy over the Divine, adds to
the grandeur of the Deity.
• This Alaya, this, when placed, becomes the center-piece of attraction.
• The Crafting process of the Alaya was a spiritual journey with pious clean surroundings,
devotional music playing and with everyone including the Founder’s intervention in the
entire process.
• it is limited edition and a Collector’s item .

Material Used
• Pure Brass figurine complemented with colors which will last for decades.
• Teakwood finished with our 7 step PU process through our partners M/S Asian / Berger paints .
• Murphy compact spot light ( easily available & replacement is a DIY)