Wall console

Decking the walls in our homes complements the décor or leads to adding personality defining the room. RusTeak’s wall console, an attractive design with ample storage space.

Storing from books, vases, small décor – create an imaginative story.

Flexibility in our designs makes it even more attractive. Move around, change the arrangement. This set of five can create a set be moved around to create different harmony -stylized as you would want to.

It can be a part of living room décor or dining or bedroom. Repurposed to add an element of beauty and design with function.

Imagine how simple shapes décor in your room walls add can become the centre of beauty and design. Explore patterns with colour tones – natural wood colour, white or any other PU shades. Do-it-yourself set of five that can add life to the dull looking walls.

This natural design in teak is timeless and versatile. Whether your room is a cottage styled bedroom with rough edges and asymmetrical lines or a stylish western designed one, wood is your answer to everything. Wooden walls and panels give bedrooms an attractive appeal and add texture and depth. This clever design element can be used in any room and can be made to match with different styles.

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