Teakwood Dining Table

In our earlier edition we have tried explaining and answering why is it recommended to use Teakwood for Creating furniture .Recapping, Teakwood is a form of Hardwood with close grains, beautiful veins, toughness due to the way it works around its annular rings and also the presence of ample natural oils . It is moisture and rot resistant with insect repelling properties and insulation which gives it a unique ‘Cool in Hot & Warm in Cold Clime’ character.

Teakwood is a Rainforest product and regenerates itself fast hence it’s appeal as a Eco conscious medium of manufacturing furniture.

Add to the Teak properties the traditional Artisans trained on handcrafting World class Ergonomic products and they then create products which are unmatched in their beauty, their strength, their ergonomics and their Character completing the intended purpose and usage. All of the above defines RusTeak – a place where we create Teakwood furniture out of a Team which has been with us since inception – Ordinary people with traditional skills and working on the Best of Nature to create Extraordinary Products. Yes there are Extras, in terms of time to Create, in terms of Price you pay and in terms of time you invest – But then, for a little extra we give you products which will be immortal outlasting all of us , Products which are Ergonomic and Bespoke considering every inch of space in this time and era of Space crunched lives ! And yes we take time since our medium is Nature and who says Nature is fast? Nature is beautiful delivering at its pace – So Are Our Products

Presenting our Dining Table collections – Here in this picture is a 8 Seater complete with Under-‘hand’ drawers for stacking ‘Mukhwaas’/ Card set … the ergonomics mean the drawers do in no way interfere with the sitting … Chairs designed in a way with suited Science and Engineering application to create those lazy overnight sitting over a few crazy games of Cards !. Bespoke, handcrafted for a lifetime of Fun!

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Teakwood furniture

All About Teakwood Furniture

What’s so special about Teakwood?

It is one of the best hardwoods known for its moisture resistance, insect repellant, insulating properties with a Texture and Veins which create ‘a poetry of their own ‘ !.

It is nature at its best…. The inherent qualities of Teak make it extremely suitable for Internal as well as external furniture. Docks in Mumbai bear testimony till today to boats with teak hull-dating back to portugesetimes !

Close grained, textured veins and presence of natural oils make Teak perhaps the Best wood to work on on planet Earth. Add / complement to the Product skilled craftsmen who have spent decades working Teak and lo, behold- you have products to Die for !. The Best of Wood, complemented with best of Artisan sadding to it a Character and a Unique Rusteak style by making products Child/ Elderly & Pet friendly thru rounding all edges & finished with our 7 step Epoxy PU system – Welcome to Rusteak and its maverick products ,

At RusTeak we try to make our products complement and blend / contrast or highlight in the space they stand .Presenting from our stable in this edition is the Ausira Chair- A unique hybrid Cane/ Ratan product in Teak with a curvaceous character suitable for modern day palaces. The edges and the protective sides also lend it a very Colonial nostalgia character. We believe these Chairs Do Create an Impact!

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Teak Wood Furniture and Bed

Teak Wood Furniture and Teak Wood Beds

Teak Wood Furniture

It’s pretty clear that people prize Teak wood than other woods like pine or oak. Apart from its durable and robust nature, it consists of natural oils that protect it from dry rot. Usually, one of the first things that crosses the mind of the potential buyers is that furniture made out from Teak wood is consistently among the most expensive. The reason is not just its strength but its elegance too which makes the Teak wood all more valuable. Therefore, we can say that the expense is for the worth.

Our products including furniture & accessories are all available online. We are into providing our furniture for almost any & every space. Be it Foyer, Living, Dining, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bar or outdoor space, we provide Teakwood furniture solutions to it.

For our customers’ benefits, we are also giving out solutions or assistance in the furniture selection process. Also, if required, we support customers by understanding their need for a particular furniture and produce bespoke products in our workshop under our expert’s supervision for the desired outcomes.

Teak wood has a unique appearance because of its beautiful grains which generally no other wood has. We all know that in these uncertain times where the world is facing a major challenge due to COVID-19 pandemic, online stores has become the back bone in promoting the business. The pandemic has had dramatic effects on customer behavior and shopping pattern in the furniture industry. Over past few years customers have become more comfortable in buying online products including furniture but earlier this was not present and people thought that the idea for online furniture shopping was not suitable for e-commerce.

Teak Wood Beds

Among the various Teakwood furniture, Teak wood beds are always the top priorities among customers. The main reason is surely because of its durability, eco-friendliness and pest resilient properties. If you compare any other wood with Teak wood, you will come to know to that this wood last longer and its beauty never fades away therefore it is called as immortal wood too. Due to its robust nature, Teak wood beds are one of the most sought-after furniture in the world. Customers are always in search of beds that are very strong and tough to make it worth in the long run also it’s not very convenient to keep replacing key furniture now and then, that also contribute a thought in the customers mind to move towards options which are more stable & balanced. These two before properties can be very well visible in the Teak wood furniture. We at RusTeak create a range of beds in Teak wood at economical cost.

If we talk about the market out there then usually, we see many of the manufactures use ordinary wood to make beds and then they give it a Teak color stain that makes it look similar to Teak. This is the reason we should always get Teak wood from a trusted band only. Our modern wooden bed design is already favorite among our happy customers.

Teak wood bed is the ideal choice if you are searching for a bed that is:

Robust – Teakwood bed designs are stable. It provides a good body posture when you sleep.

Durable – It is a well-known fact that Teak wood is good & hard in terms of strength. These are called lifetime furniture due to this property.

Easy to clean – Our Teak wood furniture are easy to clean and do not require much effort in maintenance. A clean dry piece of cloth is enough to keep the bed dust free and sparkly.

Moisture Resistant – While in some other woods tends to develops cracks during rainy season, teak is resistant to expansion due to moist environment hence it is much less likely to form cracks.

Stunning –If we talk about the looks, Teak wood beds are classy which make them ideal choice to keep in the bedroom.

Pest Resistant – The oil inside the teak tree is a natural pest resistant.

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Teakwood furniture online shop in Mumbai

Shop our Living Room’s Collection; Teakwood Furniture Online Shop in Mumbai

Take your contemporary living room with the RusTeak’s unique collections

With its “Silk & Smooth finish” principle, the RusTeak brand clearly shows its prime objective: we want to make the luxury and value of Teakwood furniture accessible to a wider population and bring elegance & style into the homes of every individual & in the interior world. Each of our products has the potential of inimitable touch of charm that only the RusTeak brand can provide.

In this article, we are going to talk about styling your living room and on how to give it a new image by choosing the RusTeak’s furniture.

RusTeak’s solutions for the perfect classy living room design.

  • Rattan Chair
  • Accent Chair
  • Ausira Bespoke Sofa
  • Wooden Chandelier
  • Three Layered Center Table
  • Corner Console

RusTeak’sSeating Solutions

Allow the different types of seating solutions that are ideal for complimenting out all kinds of interior spaces and environments. If we talk about the living space specifically then our Ausira Sofa comes into the play for creating a cozy & functional space at the same time. Same goes with our Accent chairs also. These are very much aesthetical and have an influential impact on the user.

If we talk about the Rattan chair then we must appreciate the volumes and softness that emphasizes the comfort of the seats. The smooth shiny finish of these chairs is simply unavoidable. Among our various products the Rattan chairs put the best example of creating a new hybrid material by mixing Teakwood with Rattan material.

RusTeak’s Table Solutions

Our Three-Layered Center Table is characterized by a beautiful design concept. It focusses on the level difference within thethree pieces of table tops. These comes in round shape making it to stand out from the crowd of traditional square coffee tables. The best part of our Three-Layered Center Table is that even being at the different levels they create a sense of balance and harmony.At RusTeak we also provide corner solutions with our corner console unit. These blends in the living space very well and provide a sophisticated yet luxurious atmosphere.

RusTeak’s Lighting Solutions

Our wooden chandelier outlines an expression of elegance and royal feel in the interior spaces.It brightens up the mood when it is switched on and at the same time it creates the happy vibrations and make the living area pleasantly liveable.

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