Teak wood furniture

Hardwood is denser than softwood. Hardwood lumber comes from deciduous trees that generally grow more slowly. Teak is one of the hardest wood available and is strong and durable. The colour and grain of teak wood makes it a very attractive choice both for the home owners and the furniture designers. Whilst outdoor teak furniture can be left to the elements and become an elegant silver-grey colour, teak used for indoor purposes is often oiled to retain its warm golden colour. There is a wider range of choices available in terms of variety that can be created in furniture design.

  • Consumers are looking for furniture that represents who they are!
  • Furniture designers have to carry a wide selection to meet customer expectations.
  • Designers and retailers stock up furniture that are limited as they are bulky products.
  • Space limitations and diverse consumer tastes cause the designers and retailers ending up with a significant amount of inventories.
  • Every year furniture manufacturers present slightly different styles at furniture markets while keeping the old products.
  • New practices in the furniture design field arise from paradigm shift of mass production to

mass customization. 

  • Design process in the furniture industry does not occur in isolation,the definition of the formal 

characteristics of the product/system, the designer must engage with the manufacturers and the market. 

  • At this present time of mass customization, it is necessary to debate the impact of new variables in the design 

process and there definition of their performers’ role. 

The furniture design process does not occur in isolation: when defining formal characteristics of a product or system, the designer must work in close relation with both manufacturer and the market

  • In the current business environment, in which mass customization is succeeding mass production
  • As a dominant model of manufacturing, it is necessary to reflect upon the impact of new variables in the design process.
  • It is required to understand how the paradigm shift may be defined and how it affects the internal and transversal dimensions in the relations between designer, manufacturer and the consumer market considering the furniture design field of study. 
  • As digital design is increasing its impact among the design community, redefining design and production practices it becomes important to assess its role as a domain to contribute to the establishment of mass customization in the furniture industry.

Still, after the choice is made, consumers often feel unsure about whether they make the right choice.

Consumers frequently ask questions:

  • Will it fit in the room?
  • Will it work with the rest of the furniture and décor of my home?
  • Will it go with my home décor?

This uncertainty, which results from consumers’ inability to try out furniture combinations in a real setting, keeps consumers out of the furniture marketplace or makes them delay purchase decisions. Furniture retailers also face challenges in meeting consumers’ demands. As the consumers are looking for furniture that represents who they are, furniture retailers have to carry a wide selection to meet customer expectations. However, traditional brick-and-mortar furniture retailers are limited by the bulky nature of the product, space limitations, and diverse consumer tastes, ending up with large inventories.

Customization takes precedence and an online furniture store like RusTeak, has more options available in the online apace with all specifications. Measurements help in faster decision making. Bespoke & Made to order home decor products& furniture coupled with offline personal interaction makes this an attractive alternative.

Amid slowing economic activity, COVID-19 has led to a surge in e-commerce and accelerated digital transformation.  The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on consumer behaviour and manufacturing trends has heightened the importance of digitization and automation for the furniture industry. Online-savvy consumers seeking personalized shopping experiences and competitive prices are pushing furniture manufacturers to innovate on their existing workflows.

RusTeak and the technology enabled options of our bespoke solutions is making us available as consumers’ are focussing on their living spaces.

Consumers have a strong desire to improve their living space as they are spending more time at home. With social distancing being the new normal, a spike in consumer spending on furniture and home furnishings is being seen. Customers are wanting high-quality products, transparent pricing and helpful service. And they want this know-how, where RusTeak has enabled the ease of online shopping and connected it to the online-to-personalised ‘made to order’ experience. This is exactly what today’s customers are searching for!!

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