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Shop from our online stores Mumbai, make your home a style statement with our Teakwood products. A home becomes home with the perfect furniture designs placed in their right place. Furniture, a way we live – an essence of; a definition of us! With the passing of time, we see major evolutions in the furniture industry both in terms of designs and the production processes.

In this machine-made era, there are people who are willing to have handcrafted furniture products in their home which brings the sense of ethnicity and human touch to their living space. We at RusTeak reciprocate the same values in our products. We combine creativity, personalized expertise for the required outcome.

At RusTeak online store, you will get furniture that are:

  • Multifunctional

Multifunctionality is one of the best things that one can get from using modern furniture items. Such items always give more than what we expect of them and thus are very attractive for people who know their uses.

  • Aesthetic Aspect

Aesthetics is very important while choosing any furniture, using design ethics and senses we at RusTeak we create and customize.

  • Durable

Durable furniture makes an attractive investment. Home & furniture design elements will make your home look rare and different from the decor of your neighbors, friends, or relatives.

  • Great Finish

With our 7-steps post carpentry finish procedure we achieve the silk smooth finish of our products which is extremely appealing.

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