In our earlier edition we have tried explaining and answering why is it recommended to use Teakwood for Creating furniture .Recapping, Teakwood is a form of Hardwood with close grains, beautiful veins, toughness due to the way it works around its annular rings and also the presence of ample natural oils . It is moisture and rot resistant with insect repelling properties and insulation which gives it a unique ‘Cool in Hot & Warm in Cold Clime’ character.

Teakwood is a Rainforest product and regenerates itself fast hence it’s appeal as a Eco conscious medium of manufacturing furniture.

Add to the Teak properties the traditional Artisans trained on handcrafting World class Ergonomic products and they then create products which are unmatched in their beauty, their strength, their ergonomics and their Character completing the intended purpose and usage. All of the above defines RusTeak – a place where we create Teakwood furniture out of a Team which has been with us since inception – Ordinary people with traditional skills and working on the Best of Nature to create Extraordinary Products. Yes there are Extras, in terms of time to Create, in terms of Price you pay and in terms of time you invest – But then, for a little extra we give you products which will be immortal outlasting all of us , Products which are Ergonomic and Bespoke considering every inch of space in this time and era of Space crunched lives ! And yes we take time since our medium is Nature and who says Nature is fast? Nature is beautiful delivering at its pace – So Are Our Products

Presenting our Dining Table collections – Here in this picture is a 8 Seater complete with Under-‘hand’ drawers for stacking ‘Mukhwaas’/ Card set … the ergonomics mean the drawers do in no way interfere with the sitting … Chairs designed in a way with suited Science and Engineering application to create those lazy overnight sitting over a few crazy games of Cards !. Bespoke, handcrafted for a lifetime of Fun!

Regard: Rusteak

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