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Take your contemporary living room with the RusTeak’s unique collections

With its “Silk & Smooth finish” principle, the RusTeak brand clearly shows its prime objective: we want to make the luxury and value of Teakwood furniture accessible to a wider population and bring elegance & style into the homes of every individual & in the interior world. Each of our products has the potential of inimitable touch of charm that only the RusTeak brand can provide.

In this article, we are going to talk about styling your living room and on how to give it a new image by choosing the RusTeak’s furniture.

RusTeak’s solutions for the perfect classy living room design.

  • Rattan Chair
  • Accent Chair
  • Ausira Bespoke Sofa
  • Wooden Chandelier
  • Three Layered Center Table
  • Corner Console

RusTeak’sSeating Solutions

Allow the different types of seating solutions that are ideal for complimenting out all kinds of interior spaces and environments. If we talk about the living space specifically then our Ausira Sofa comes into the play for creating a cozy & functional space at the same time. Same goes with our Accent chairs also. These are very much aesthetical and have an influential impact on the user.

If we talk about the Rattan chair then we must appreciate the volumes and softness that emphasizes the comfort of the seats. The smooth shiny finish of these chairs is simply unavoidable. Among our various products the Rattan chairs put the best example of creating a new hybrid material by mixing Teakwood with Rattan material.

RusTeak’s Table Solutions

Our Three-Layered Center Table is characterized by a beautiful design concept. It focusses on the level difference within thethree pieces of table tops. These comes in round shape making it to stand out from the crowd of traditional square coffee tables. The best part of our Three-Layered Center Table is that even being at the different levels they create a sense of balance and harmony.At RusTeak we also provide corner solutions with our corner console unit. These blends in the living space very well and provide a sophisticated yet luxurious atmosphere.

RusTeak’s Lighting Solutions

Our wooden chandelier outlines an expression of elegance and royal feel in the interior spaces.It brightens up the mood when it is switched on and at the same time it creates the happy vibrations and make the living area pleasantly liveable.

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