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“Set at tapers and 3 table tops of varying sizes, these are supported on our unique penta-bracket teakwood couplers- visible yet beautiful underbellies!
This table is a Show stopper Set Of 3 and nestles well between sofas or sittings.
Ergonomically designed to allow 3 independent tops at varying heights – they can hold a food plate, several drinks, memorabilia etc.
The wide support durable teakwood structure base and the design crafted in a way that enhances the look and gives a very sturdy feel. ”

‘This is a handcrafted product which is finally assembled and finished before delivery. Therefore please factor anywhere between a week to a fortnight for despatch to happen (depending upon the hand finish drying time). In case of any clarification or specific requirement please do not hesitate to connect with us on WhatsApp or call on our helpline number 074281 73817.


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