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Retro- Vikriya


width 18″
depth 7″
ht 7″
Ratan ht 2″


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“Old school classic, Old World charm! The bamboo rattan work is inspired by similar work in the Radios of the 60’s & 70’s .
This is ceiling suspend and comes with 9″” chains and hook .
Recommend get the local electrician for a neat mounting .
Attached wire has been kept matt black for blending with the chain.
Rattan, we realized is an apt medium with the plantation/ reclaimed teakwood we use, and both complement each other well.”

‘This is a handcrafted product which is finally assembled and finished before delivery. Therefore please factor anywhere between a week to a fortnight for despatch to happen (depending upon the hand finish drying time). In case of any clarification or specific requirement please do not hesitate to connect with us on WhatsApp or call on our helpline number 074281 73817.