Vikriya- Sleek

Vikriya- Sleek

Inclusive of GST, transportation extra

width 6″/12″/24″/36″
depth 1″
ht 7″

•These are ceiling suspended lamps. the base edge is completely LED with a whisper of surrounding teakwood.
• Ideal over a dining table, Recreation zone, entrance area or over the coffee table, these lamps come in multiple light dimensions – 1/2 ft , 1 ft, 2 ft , 3 ft
• We have kept light replacement simple and DIY- the light just needs to be pulled out and replaced .
•Care has been taken to keep all lights completely DIY without any soldering work which is common with any profile lights .
•Also care has been taken to use lights with inbuilt drivers so that there are no external drivers jutting out anywhere- visual aesthetics user friendly sleek with a dash of Brass make these contemporary unique and blending with any design styles.
•This is ceiling suspend and comes with 9″ chains and hook .
•Recommend get the local electrician for a neat mounting .
•Attached wire has been kept matt black for blending with the chains .


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